The Brief

Take a group of Letraset typefaces which have been wittily and skillfully constructed to form a cast of characters, and then bring them to life through the use of animation. This animation would then be used to promote the 60th anniversary of the Letraset company.

The Solution

Taking inspiration from Nick Park's Creature Comforts adverts of the early 90's. I decided to base the theme of the animation on a (vox populi) style of interviewing. Whereby people are asked a question, and their impromptu response is then humourously partnered up with an appropriately designed Letraset character.

The promotional material for the animation included two limited edition posters, as well as a set of boxed A6 sized anniversary cards. These cards feature each character from the animation, a long with a brief description of their favourite typeface. The outer packaging for the cards can be customised from a selection of 5 different designs.


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