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Brand Extension – Neil Bennison

The Brief

A second year packaging brief which required us to choose a brand, research it thoroughly and then create a viable brand extension. I decided to choose Tunnocks since I'm a huge fan of their famous teacakes, as well as the fact that they haven't released a new product for a number of decades.

The Solution

Focusing on merging their most popular products, e.g. those scrumptious teacakes and caramel wafer bars. I set about designing a product which takes these beloved favourites into lucrative, yet uncharted waters by creating a delicious, ready to go, instant beverage.

My solution had to somehow include an interpretation of the iconic dome shape of the teacakes along with it’s linear sun ray design, and angular patterns of the wafer packaging. I also needed to utilise their numerous and peculiar combinations of fonts if I wanted to correctly pastiche the brand.


To conclude, this tasty beverage is a combination of the famous teacake and wafer bars. It offers a completely new way for the consumer to experience these cherished products. Simply add hot water or milk, scoop the marshmallow creme on the top, and finally garnish the marshmallow with the provided sachet of biscuit and chocolate pieces, and... relax.

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